Maternal Health

Antenatal Shared Care

Dr Kirsten Scott,  Dr Gillian Porter and Dr Bree Latta are accredited Shared Maternity Care Affiliates who work in collaboration with The Royal Women’s Hospital, Mercy Health, Western Health, Werribee Mercy for Women and Northern Health.

Shared maternity care is a popular option of care for healthy women with a normal pregnancy.  Shared Maternity Care Affiliates are GPs with additional training in pregnancy care who are appointed by the hospital to provide complete pregnancy care to public patients.  Shared maternity care affiliates and hospital-based doctors and midwives act as a team in the provision of a woman’s antenatal care.  Responsibility is shared for the woman’s care including communication and management of results and abnormal findings. 

Shared maternity care aims to provide a community-based, holistic, safe and culturally appropriate model of care for women. Women often choose this model of care as it provides continuity of care, their GP already knows their family and for many women, it is convenient.  You will be seen by the Shared Maternity Care GP every month for the first six months, fortnightly for the next two months and then every week for the last month. They will arrange all necessary tests, ultrasounds and hospital visits during this time.  You will be referred to the relevant hospital, where you will have about four visits during your pregnancy.  This will be where delivery will take place, usually by a midwife, plus care for the baby and mother whilst in hospital.

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